Purpose & Individuality of the Temple of Being

As we see Nature become the many things each beings to resolve as having a unique purpose. What we create on all levels is both a reflection of our individuality and that which we contribute to our embody of the collective.

            The temple of One’s body is the form manifest to fulfill that which such is born into.


--What we each embody in this life has the potential to set the stage for greater realms of creativity. By finding what we like or would choose we are directing the unfoldment of Life’s highest resolution.

            Our individual purpose meets all other as the needs of the collective or Nature’s inherent process of resolution calls such.


-    Many channels entangled and self-reflect, so although the goal is similar each string or being hold a certain uniqueness. We can either fulfill Nature’s call or direction or resist. As we ultimately and most commonly in higher vibrational states find Nature’s offering of experience or purpose aligned with our own.


--Best to find through feeling, relation, and direct experience what one might be offered as a divine and absolute purpose as well as that creative spark of awareness that is the individual entity.

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