What Is The Ascent of Nature?

What is the Ascent of Nature?

We are best to ask questions such as these right away. How we understand a few key concepts can bring us together and in the same direction quickly.
To consider an Ascent, the stage must first be set. What are we to assume Nature is rising from? As it happens, in this context WE are the newest and most dynamic of Nature's expression, so when we say "Nature," we are really saying: the collective consciousness & its realm.
The process of conscious development is both discovery and creativity of self.
Nature is a process of energy resolving, expanding, or moving in one way or another. We could see such at earlier stages: discovering the elements, then creating the varieties of life. We are also each discovering what we are inspired to do about what we experience.
It is this unfolding of energy, both manifest as the physical and unmanifest as the spirit of awareness, that has come to a point of great potential to shift
In the countless ages of expansion, separating into the many things of our world and the cosmos beyond, Nature has become dense. We are heavy, very root and sacral driven; our world is hyper complicated.
This is an important phase of growth and we will cover more in this work. For now, we will keep our content as simple as sensible. How energy becomes the endless bits is best understood, first, through that which is most relative.
The world, as we experience it, is full of varieties of expression and each has come forth from the searching & cultivation of Nature's potential. Evolution is not just
Adaptation, it is a process of Alchemy.
When a distillation occurs at the densest state, a vital essence has emerges. Our greatest art, technologies, and ways of seeing always immortalize through embodiment.

During this process we forgot, or lost, the ability to retain memory of our connection to all else. As we further separated, so did our individual spirits get alerted. In order to discover our unique and individual purpose, we first must forget how singular the collective of Nature is.

When the entity of consciousness becomes self-realized and begins an ascent in vibration, memory reference is retained. The unique reference and creative influence of being becomes an anchor.
Nature can again grow in a consciously unified way. That is to say, through the stages of an ascending vibration of consciousness, an awareness of separation is retained.
We become the Many & the One. We transform our world through simple acknowledgement of interconnectivity and Unity. The shift is how we interact can be found as parallel to process both infinitely large & small… what is important is how our new understanding becomes actual means of living.
The Ascent of Nature is special for each person, while the goal is mostly the same, a higher state of resolution.
There are many ways to arrive, to travel, or to just watch this resolution; we have choices. How we express and communicate can decide the way a transition into Unity Consciousness comes about.
The most important steps to take are those that feel right and of which we are sure no subconscious motives rest.
While we consider Nature, its qualities and what that means in our individual and collective experience, we can be sure our questions and requests are met. This part of Nature's growth is all about composure, willingness, and trust.
Through our study of Nature, we may find this along with much more. As long as we hold an intention to consider possibility, there is no saying what may be discovered!

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