True Hojari Frankincense Resin

True Hojari Frankincense Resin

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Boswellia Sacra

‘True Hojari Frankincense’

Wild Harvested in the Hojari Mtn. Range in the Dofar region of Oman

.:.Royal Hojari.:. 
Where the arid desert of Oman meets the coastline of the Arabian Sea, the perfect climate for the world’s finest frankincense is harbored.
The Dhofar Mountains in the Hojari Region of Southern Oman is well known amongst frankincense enthusiasts as the worlds best, home to the Royal Green Hojari, the Sultan Select, the purest tears of frankincense on the planet. Once reserved only for royalty, available now to bless your home and body temple.
.:. Uplifting .:. Grounding .:. Cleansing .:.
To experience this Sacred Resin is uplifting and grounding. Supporting a state of meditation by elevating the mind and allowing deep grounding into the Now. It is also used in Oman and surrounding countries as a cleansing smoke, washing the self, a sort of spirit shower, releasing sticky energies and supporting our movement forward as sovereign beings.
.:. Wild and Sustainably Harvested .:.
Sustainably Harvested by Omani tribes who are land caretakers in Southern Oman. The technique of harvesting the resin is past down through family lineages alongside the responsibility of attending to the trees. Harvesting is the livelihood for many of these tribespeople, this and the respect for the resin, is incentive to harvest sustainably, never taking more than is healthy for the tree.

To Use: Burn resin on charcoals or an electric burner. For ‘self light’ charcoals, light outside using tongs to hold the charcoal disk, place a flame to the disk and allow the self light material to burn all the way through the disk. Once it has stopped sparking, place coal in burner or heat resistant surface and bring inside. Wait until till there is a thin layer of ash on the coal(30 seconds) Drop a resin tear on the top.

All it requires is our presence, and that is it’s gift.  This resin is an excuse to take a moment, have a moment, and remember that moments are all we have.

Breathe in, Bliss out.

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