Yemeni Myrrh Resin

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Commiphora Myrrha

Wild Harvested in Yemen

.:. Origin  .:.
This Yemeni Myrrh comes from the same perfect climate where frankincense thrives, where the Arabian Desert meets the Arabian Sea, on the border of Yemen and Oman.
.:. Mythos .:.

Myrrh has been introduced to us as holding ancient crone energy.  Deep, dark, under worldly. She is lusty, ambrosial and holy mystical. She is like blood. Connected with the Egyptian Isis, goddess of magik and healing. She is kindred with witches.
.:. Intention .:.
Burn with attention and intention, with awareness of her ability to summon, invoke and elevate.

To Use: Burn resin on charcoals or an electric burner. For ‘self light’ charcoals, light outside using tongs to hold the charcoal disk, place a flame to the disk and allow the self light material to burn all the way through the disk. Once it has stopped sparking, place coal in burner or heat resistant surface and bring inside. Wait until till there is a thin layer of ash on the coal(30 seconds) Drop a resin tear on the top.

All it requires is our presence, and that is it’s gift.  This resin is an excuse to take a moment, have a moment, and remember that moments are all we have.

Breathe in, Bliss out.

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