ANu's Temple

ANu's Temple

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Awaken To A Nu way. A Nu Time. Unearthed ANu.

Summoning Anu, the Great Sky God, the Dome Guardian, to protect the body temple, as he guards the Earth Plane.

Stars of 8 represent Antu, the Goddess of creation. The unifying Swastika joins this pattern in divine balance.

Inspired by Awaken To The One’s journey to Arabia. 

Anu: a center of potential vitality, with latent intelligence in it. -Bhagavad-Gita

Anu: In Sanskrit refers to ‘the atom, molecule; after and alongside.’ In yogic terms it means ‘further or spiritual union.’ In tantric philosophy it is ‘freedom and release through focus on the void, surrendering into emptiness.’

In Physics: Nu is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet, denoting frequency.

Cut and Sewn after printing.  Sublimation print of hand painted background color and temple pattern.

Full coverage sublimation printing on premium knit mid-weight jersey. Super smooth, soft and comfy. Won’t fade after washing. Printed and Hand Sewn in Los Angeles, California.

Original Ink.In.Ink tattoo adornments sold separately.

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