Awoke Folk

Awoke Folk

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Summoning the ➕Awoke Folk➕

Awaken To The One Pattern Sigil. Reawakened symbols encoded ancient mysticism, unearthed through the ancestoral depths.

Calling in the Cryptic Mystics ✖️ Truth Seekers ✖️ Arcane Eyes ✖️ Enigmatic Anomalies ✖️ Universal Rarities ✖️ Ancestors Alive

Evoking those who hold the keys to invoke the guides who show the way to becoming the wandering mystics we feel inside.

Tri-blend tank, made of ring-spun cotton, polyester and rayon. Very soft and lightweight with a flattering form fit. The fabric blend gives the print a vintage feel. Raw edge seams and pre-laundered fabric to reduce shrinkage. Made in California, USA, sweatshop free.

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Length (inches) 25 ⅞ 26 ½ 27 ⅛ 27 ¾ 28 ⅜
Width (inches) 15 16 17 18 19 ½