Folk Engraved Cauldron Kit

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Folk Tailed Creatures decorate this Cauldron with Nature and Animal Allies.

Symbols of critters, four legged and tailed encircle this burner. Intertwining serpents adorn the handles and pedestals and cryptic symbols on the bottom invoke mystery.  
Feeling like archaic cave drawings, these are symbols of our relationship with nature. An ode to the Earth and Her Dwellers.

Offering up tears from sacred Arabian Trees in prayers for peace and reciprocity. With this divine sacrament we ask that fear transmutes to empowerment and we can release the illusion of separation.

 Included in this Kit:

 Hojari Frankincense 

 Yemeni Myrrh

Sample size of Royal Green Hojari Frankincense and Dragons Blood

1 Roll gold foiled Charcoals

1 Pair of Tongs

2 ML Pure Hojari Frankincense Oil Distilled By Us.